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Class Descriptions and Schedule




Age / Size



Li’l Explorers


(replaces Seaman 1)

9:00 - 11:30     MWF

7-10; Small

Beetles, Typhoons, Rowing, (may include paddleboarding)


3-5 students in a boat together with an instructor.

Comfort in boats; intro to sailing; playing and cruising.

Opti Beginners


(replaces Seaman 2)

9:00 - 11:30     MWF


Small - Medium

(under ~125 lbs)

Optis. Sometimes in other boats, just for fun.

Independent sailing for students who like to be in a boat by themselves. Kids who might have desire to compete.

Opti Intermediate

1 + 2



(replaces Mates)



Small - Medium

(under ~125 lbs)

Optis. Sometimes in Sunfish and/or other boats.

Next level of Optis. Includes longer destination sailing series with prizes for completing adventures.


Intro to Sunfish.


Jr. Comm Cup suggested.

Opti Advanced



(replaces Opti Skippers)




(under ~140 lbs)

Optis. Sometimes in Sunfish and/or other boats.

Advanced speed and performance in Optis and Sunfish -- sail-surfing, team racing, racing, long adventure sails.


Jr. Comm Cup expected.



(replaces Cruising Skippers)



Medium - Large

Beetles, Typhoons

2-5 students per boat, sometimes together with instructors

Recreational, social sailing in non-racing boats.


These are our least tippy boats.


Performance & Speed


(Replaces 420 Devo)



Medium - Large

420s & Sunfish.

Windsurfers if available

Introduction to more high performance boats. Focus on speed and fun.



Opti Advanced

(or Opti Int, if size dictates)


Performance & Speed


(Replaces 420 Race Team)



Medium - Large

420s & Sunfish.

Windsurfers if available

Mastery of high performance boats. Focus on speed. Development of Racing Skills.


Prerequisite: Opti Advanced or

Beginning P & S.


Recreational Track

Performance & Speed Track

Ages 7-11


Li’l Explorers

Ages 8 - 12


Beginning Opti


Intermediate Opti

Ages 11-17



Ages 12 - 15

Beginning Performance & Speed

Ages 11 - 13

Advanced Opti


Ages 12 - 15

Beginning Performance & Speed


Ages 13 - 17

Advanced Performance & Speed


Li'l Explorers and Beginning Optis: Ages 7-11: beginners, must be 7 by July 1; 

Classes Meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9-11:30

Li’l Explorers are young beginners. This replaces Seaman 1, but also expands to allow less independent sailors the option of staying in Typhoons and Beetles for a longer period of time. We’d encourage students to try Optis, but if they don’t want to sail by themselves, they can stay in this class until they’re ready for Adventurers. Within the class, we can try to break kids up according to age groups -- older kids in one boat, 7-yr-olds in another.

Beginning Optis  replaces Seaman 2: Beginning Opti Sailors are expected to master Opti rigging, docking, helming, basic right of way rules, terminology, knots and safety concepts.  Seamen 2 sailors should have their own Opti. Boats may sometimes be rented from club members or older sailors, but they are widely available around the Cape for purchase used. Sturgis Boatworks is the premier Optimist dealer in our area.


Intermediate Optis     replaces Mates 1 & Mates 2

Ages 9-12 intermediate and experienced intermediates;  


Encouraged: Junior Commodore Cup (Intra Club Racing) takes place every Wednesday 1-4 pm (sailors should arrive at 12:30 to rig)

  • Intermediate Opti 1: Focus on sailing independently in Opti’s. Concentration on building confidence through time on the water. Build and refine boat-handling skills learned as Seamen.   Prereq: Beginner Opti
  • Intermediate Opti 2: Longer sails, adventure sailing, and basic racing skills developed and practiced during class and in the Wednesday Jr. Commodore Cup Series. Prereq: Intermediate Opti 1
  • All Intermediates participate in an intra-club destination adventure series to places like Kalmus, Egg Island, and the West Beach Club. 


Advanced Optis    replaces Opti Skippers

Ages 11 and up for experienced Opti sailors

Junior Commodore Cup (Intra Club Racing) takes place every Wednesday 1-4 pm (sailors should arrive at 12:30 to rig) 

All levels of Opti classes focus on developing individual sailing skills, including some racing. If there is interest, we can compete in a regatta or two. At the intermediate level, we will strive to introduce Sunfish. At the Advanced level, we’ll encourage participation in HPYC Sunfish races, but emphasizing the FUN parts of racing rather than pushing the full-day regatta model. Jr. Commodore racing will still be available -- mostly for Intermediate and Advanced Optis.


Adventurers (replaces Cruising Skippers) Ages 11-17: 

Adventurers are kids who enjoy boats in recreational and social ways. They may have taken Li’l Explorers and some Opti classes, or they may be new to the sport. Typically, Adventurers are 11-17 years old and prefer to sail with more than one person in the boat -- kids who believe that sailing should be about having fun on the water while hanging out with friends. This class primarily uses Cape Dory Typhoons to explore the Hyannis Port area, including excursions into Lewis Bay, and, on calmer days, out into Nantucket Sound. Typhoons can comfortably hold 4-6 sailors and  are very stable, with small keels that make capsize impossible. They are relatively easy to sail and provide students the opportunity to practice driving the boat and working both the mainsail and jib. Adventurers will learn basic navigation and seamanship -- including anchoring, making a mooring, docking, boat care, and knots -- but will also sail to local destinations for swimming, beach exploration, and occasional picnics. As weather and student interest dictate, we may also use Wianno Seniors, Sunfish, and/or Stand-Up Paddleboards for fun and variety.


Beginning Performance and Speed

Ages 12-16; 

Beginning Performance and Speed - BPS replaces 420 Devo (or Diva, as we’ve called it). This class is for kids who enjoy sailing, enjoy some thrills, and want to try out more high-performance boats. They’ll learn to sail 420s and Sunfish, as well as windsurfers, if available. There are a number of possible paths to reach this class, including Adventurers and/or Optis.


Advanced Performance and Speed

Ages 14-18; 

(though sometimes regattas and team races require extra time).

Advanced Performance and Speed - APS replaces and expands the 420 Race class. Students are about 13-17 years old and are the most experienced and independent of HPYC’s junior sailors. The boats we use, 420s and Sunfish, are performance craft, designed for speed. APS students will learn to plane in their boats, to surf the waves out in the Sound, and to sail as fast as possible. In 420s, they will use trapezes and learn to fly spinnakers. While the pure thrill of adrenaline sailing is the goal of this class, students may also compete in fun races and team race against other clubs. Depending upon availability, we may use other fast, performance craft such as Hobie Cats and Windsurfers.

Gallagher-O’Neal Series will most likely be a team racing event in 420s, depending on numbers and interest.

Prereq: Beginning Performance and Speed, Advanced Opti, or by permission of Program Director